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  1. Polestar 2 Forum
    Those that have updated to OS 2.2, have you seen a range improvement? I charge my Polestar to 80%, it gives me a rating of 190 miles since I got it. Since the 2.2 update, when I charge to 80%, it’s giving me a range rating of 200 miles.
  2. Polestar News
    Hey everyone, first time long time (does that apply here too?) Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? I ran the 2.2 update last night (located in CA US) but when I checked it after a few hours, I had a notification saying the update failed and required service before installation. I just...
  3. Polestar 2 Forum
    In the UK and got the email this morning about 2.2. Just saw the cloud icon and so I'm installing now. I was already on 2.1 for a while. Bad news from a 'reporting back' point of view is we don't have a single iOS device in the house...
1-3 of 3 Results