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  1. Polestar 2 Forum
    I live in Scotland and park my car outside in my drive. I have been, pretty much, been seeing the low battery temp warning most days for a few weeks. Temperatures haven’t been mega low, around +4c to +10c. It seems to warm up and disappear after just over 10mins of driving. Can I lean on you...
  2. Polestar 2 Forum
    Searched for similar, but only found references to 12v battery drain... Anyone experienced battery drain when left unlocked overnight? It doesn't happen all the time when unlocked, and I've never noticed it when locked.
  3. Polestar 2 Forum
    hi got a new new Polestar 2, 78kw, dual motor, less than a month old, but finding we only get around 150-165miles from a 90% battery charge. Even after charging the car hows 220miles as the estimated mileage but real life mileage is so much lower. Driving in town, school run, shops etc. Longest...
  4. Polestar 2 Forum
    Help :( I just upped my max battery charge from 80 -> 100% as I will be on a 5 day road trip and will need the range. As title says, it now shows charge complete and wont charge more. I will need 100% in the next few days for some of the long legs of the trip. Anyone seen this, or know how...
  5. Polestar 2 Forum
    For a few days I have had issues with the battery status in Google maps. Yesterday I had a fairly Long drive, and startet with 75% on the battery according to the car. At the beginning of the drive Google Maps estimated that I would have 23% at final destination. However when i drive, the final...
  6. Polestar 2 Forum
    in the middle of the night the alarm turned out to work. no blinking lights, just an awful noise. Dutch road assistance came to the rescue and gave a little old fashioned 12V battery boost. Then i drove 30 minutes around town. No fun. Car is in repair now, I got a decent volvo v40. Probably the...
1-6 of 6 Results