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  1. Canada
    After all the talk in the federal government for close to a year, there is finally one fast charging company that is starting to bill by energy usage instead of time. I received this email from Circle K Couch-tard today: I'm not aware of any other charging providers that have switched. Ivy may...
  2. Canada
    Polestar configurator for a 2023 (LRSM FWD) today no longer has Pixel Headlights. Noticed this when someone was asking on Reddit about Polestars having the same fancy pixel headlights as Volvo, and he thought the car didn't. He was right, new configurations in Canada and US (? - he's American)...
  3. For Sale
    I bought this set of winter tires and wheels on September 2022 but I won't be needing them anymore. The set is new, never used and in perfect condition. The tires are mounted and balanced. They fit the non-PP P2. I live in Montreal's South Shore and I can deliver them depending on your address...
  4. Canada
    I will be driving back to Toronto from Vancouver next week in my P2. My plan is: Dec 24: Vancouver to Revelstoke, BC Dec 25: Revelstoke, BC to Lake Louise, AB (ski at Revelstoke Mountain) Dec 26: Lake Louise, AB to Calgary, AB (hike in Banff National Park + 5% tax Boxing Day shopping in Calgary)...
  5. Canada
    On The Run has entered the EV fast charging business in BC and Alberta, and launched their first DC Fast Chargers earlier this month. I went to their charging station in Burnaby, BC today for a quick test. All went very well. Some features: Two cars can be charged at the same time from one unit...
  6. Polestar 2 Forum
    My P2 is now for sale. I have a 2021 Snow Launch Edition with Performance Package, tow bar, mud flaps, floor and trunk mats, tinted windows paint protection film on hood, full bumper, quarter panels and above the windshield. I have a hardwired dash camera along with lowering springs that have...
  7. Polestar 2 Forum
    I have a MY23 LRSM with Pilot and Plus and the 19" wheels. 1. Would the stock tire last Vancouver winters? 2. If I change, should I go All Season or Winter? Thanks.
  8. Canada
    Anyone had a good experience with a PPF installer for the P2 in the Vancouver area? I tried doing a search in the Canada Forum and could only find one mention of an installer, HAV Extreme Protection (Highest Rated XPEL PPF Installers in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby Call 778-522-2628 or Visit...
  9. Canada
    Re-posting here to get some feedback from fellow Canadians... thanks ;-)
  10. Canada
    I’m planning a return trip from Vancouver to San Francisco next week and would like to know what the best strategies are for P2 charging. According to Google maps there are plenty of charge stations along the way but it would be good to know which brand to prioritize. I assume DC chargers are...
  11. Canada
    I finally receive my car last Friday from Polestar Montreal.LRDM, Pilot, Plus, Snow I wanted to give a shout out to the Polestar Montreal space. I've had nothing but positive experience with them from the get go. Everything they promised me from the first day I walked in, to after picking up...
  12. Polestar 2 Forum
    Polestar has stopped orders for North America are getting ready for the 2023 model year. Please advise if anyone has more info on this
  13. Polestar 2 Forum
    Hi all, Just joined this forum as I'm hoping to pull the trigger on a dual motor Polestar 2 order. I'm located in Edmonton, Alberta, so the closest Polestar location is in Vancouver, 1500 ish KM away - which is the biggest concern I have right now . I understand I would be responsible for cost...
  14. Canada
    Hello! Has anyone been charged on their Visa: Spotify P19******A Stockholm" $18.39 We only have the free Spotify. Spotify Premium is $9.99 CAD normally? Only time we use Spotify is in the PS2. Anyone? Nick
  15. Polestar Precept
    I'm curious what everyone else thinks about this, but from what I can gather with the EV6, IONIQ 5, bz4x, Id.4, and Solterra all on the horizon, the Polestar 2 has become a tough sell in Canada. With its starting price of $49900, it doesn't qualify for the Federal rebate of $5000, whereas all...
  16. Polestar 2 Forum
    Hi there - I'm ready to pull the trigger and put an order in however I'm hoping you folks can help me out. 1) Can you negotiate the price like a traditional car dealer purchase? Or is "the price..the price nowadays?" 2) Currently, Polestar Canada has pre-configured MY21 cars ready to go in...
  17. Canada
    Hi, everyone -- I'm close to purchasing a Polestar 2 in Canada. Eager for advice about the pros and cons of home chargers: (1) ChargePoint or Grizzl-E? (2) NEMA 6-50 or 14-50? No one seems to give me a straight answer on the latter question - even electricians! Thanks in advance.
  18. Canada
    Hello Fellow Canadians! Now that we are allowed to go out now.... https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/petro-canada/ Free charging at Petro Canada EV sites until April 2022! If you have the right RBC credit card. Haven't tried it yet but I've heard it's fast from Twister416 Nick
  19. Polestar 2 Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Polestar sent out an email to Canadian customers about the Polestar 2 and in it they mentioned that deliveries are on track for this summer!
1-19 of 19 Results