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  1. Polestar 2 Forum
    Hello brains trust. Recently I visited a DC fast charger and had to extend the cable all the way to reach around the car and to the charging port. When the charge finished I had to pull the connector really hard for it to come off the car. It was not locked in to the car but rather because the...
  2. Polestar 2 Forum
    Hey folks, my charge port door seems to be misaligned. It’s been like that once in a while since I got the car, but other times it aligns quite well. When it’s off, it seems to not close completely. Does anyone know an easy fix for this, or should I contact my space? I thought it was only...
  3. Polestar 2 Forum
    Does the Polestar 2 app support timed/scheduled charging? Appreciate there’s a few threads on this subject already, but from what I can make out the feature was meant to be out many months ago but has only recently been released. Is this correct?
  4. Polestar 2 Forum
    Properly disconnected the charging cable from car at 83%. Plugged it back into car less than a minute later. Wouldn’t charge and the ring was blinking red on the cable. Did that a few times with no success. Disconnected from car and wall outlet (also a few times). Still blinking red. Won’t...
  5. Polestar 2 Forum
    Hi Polestars, first post for me on here. I own a 2021 Polestar 2 300kw LR since about two months (7000km). Since last weekend my polestar does not accept 95% of the charging attempts. (Can’t charge at home) I tried multiple times at 4 different network operators, at about 20 locations with...
  6. 2021+ Polestar 2 Range And Charging Discussion
    Have these always been in the manual or is it a sign of things to come soon (focus on the "Blue")? Sources: Charging status in the car's charging input socket (polestar.com) Charging status in the car's driver display (polestar.com)
  7. 2021+ Polestar 2 Range And Charging Discussion
    Sorry this should have gone in the Range and Charging Discussion, but can't see how to move it. Hi everyone - first post, but I've been lurking for a while, and ordered a few weeks ago. I used to own a PHEV C-class and had a 3.7kW Rolec wallpod installed back in 2016. I obviously want to get an...
  8. Polestar 2 Problems and Reliability
    Is it normal that rain water remains inside the charge port? The draining hole inside the charge port does not seem to be very effective... As you can see in the picture there is still water underneath the sealing rubber and also on the ‘inside” of the charging port... a bit too close to the...
1-8 of 8 Results