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  1. UK
    I have ordered my new polestar 2 and are looking to get solar panels and batteries installed. I have heard good things about both the Zappi and Hypervolt Home 3.0. I like the look of the Hypervolt but some say the Zappi is better. Interested to know what people have if they have a solar system too?
  2. United States
    So I just got my P2 in Dec and started fully using it and I have found that using public chargers is hit or miss. What I mean is that they are either full or the cable has been cut off. Also why did an idiot invent a CSS adapter for Tesla users now those people are sucking up ALL available...
  3. Canada
    I’m planning a return trip from Vancouver to San Francisco next week and would like to know what the best strategies are for P2 charging. According to Google maps there are plenty of charge stations along the way but it would be good to know which brand to prioritize. I assume DC chargers are...
  4. United States
    Just picked up my '22 P2 and it came with charging cable with a NEMA 14-50 plug. I have a 220V 2 wire (2 hot and ground) cable on a 50 Amp bkr run to wall adjacent to the garage. This is from an old electric range that I upgraded to natural gas. Can I use the existing 2-wire to install a 14-50...
1-4 of 4 Results