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charging issues
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    I charged from 90% to 100% in prep for a long journey. I’m on Octopus Go and have the charger scheduled for 0:30 - 4:30 every night, so I just plug in when I need to. The car charged to 100%. Then 45min later started to charge again. Is this pre-conditioning? if so it’s not wanted at 3am and no...
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    Hi, I had a Juicebox 40-amp charger installed at home but the technician was unable to get the PS2 to charge using the juicebox. He thinks that for some reason the PS2 is not completing the initializing sequence with the charger. Has anybody run into this issue with juicebox chargers?
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    Hi. I’ve had my P2 since last October. In the last week or so I’ve noticed that if I put the charging current on the infotainment screen up to 32A it only charges at 20 or 21A (~4.5kW). Weirdly if I reduce the amps on the screen down to 26A then it will actually reach 26A according to the car...
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    Anyone know of any issues with Polestar2 ans charging when using a tethered charger rather than it’s own cables. I’m in Norfolk and have used various chargers without issue, but issue a Tesla supplied charger (correct connection) that has its own cable will not lock and therefore charge. There...
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    I'm seeing some weird behaviour when I'm charging my P*2 at home with my Wallbox 7kW charger. It charges for around 5 to 20 mins, then stops charging for a while, then charges for another short period before taking another break and so on. If I leave it long enough, then - after quite a few...
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    I'm passing on a solution that the Polestar rep who responded to my pressing the "Connect" button provided to me today, when (a) my car charging stopped at 90% though I had set it to go to 100% (in view of an impending trip); (b) the charging screen displayed charging was limited to 6 amps...
1-6 of 6 Results