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  1. Infotainment
    For the last couple of days I’ve been experiencing the old Google Maps problem - both driver display and centre console just display a map of Europe, without ever zooming into my actual location. I’ve tried a couple of infotainment system resets, without any effect. This problem usually fixes...
  2. Polestar 2 Forum
    If I start from home, tell google to navigate to ‘home’ then tell google to add a stop to ‘Coventry’ it will navigate me a round trip from home to Coventry then back home which is all good. What it won’t then do is suggest recharge stops or let me search for recharge stops along the route. Any...
  3. Infotainment
    As the title indicates, How to you clear google maps search history / recent list? I have gone through what I thought was all settings and cant find an option to clear the search / navigation history and recent list. I dont want my home adress being visible to the next driver of the car.
1-3 of 3 Results