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  1. 2021+ Polestar 2 Reviews
    A pretty entertaining conversation about the brand and the two models. Pretty fair and balanced with some interesting opinion on how Polestar fits into the market and Tesla... I think it's pretty fair and positive. Jalopnik Editors Review The New Polestar 1 And Polestar 2
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    UK electric vehicle October YoY sales are up 195%. 459 Polestars registered in the UK this year to date... See: Car Registrations See: Car Registrations
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    Hi I'm new here so am not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place but I've noticed a subtle amber LED on both wing mirrors that lights occasionally but have no idea what they're for and can't find anything in the manual about it. Can anyone help? Many thanks.
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    Hi, I've just realized today that it is now possible to choose streaming quality!! It is set to auto if you don't change it. There is also a new petition to allow offline play. Please sign that so we won't get interruptions in spotty cell coveage...
  5. Polestar News
    Failing to meet its target of 275 miles on a charge, the Polestar 2 is the latest European EV to suffer from EPA range shrinkitis. Despite being rated at up to 292 miles per charge under Europe's WLTP standards, the EPA reports that customers should count on just 233 miles per charge based on...
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    A report coming out of Sweden claims that at least 30 Polestar 2s have experienced a glitch that could cause them to become totally immobile. The glitch presents itself through a warning issue then, it seems, bricks the car completely. Owners have reported having to get their Polestar 2s...
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    Upstart electric automaker and Volvo spinoff Polestar is getting up and dancing quickly, says a new report from Reuters. A doubling of showrooms globally and new markets are in store for this year for the automaker. Speaking at the Beijing Auto Show this week, and one of few international auto...
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    Although the industry tells us that EVs are green, Polestar wants it to show its math. The company has produced a Life Cycle Assessment to show just EVs are impacting the environment and wants other manufacturers to follow suit. The reason, the company says, is that automakers need to build...
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    Hello everyone, I am getting my Polestar 2 in a few weeks and i was wondering this : Has anyone heard, read or talked about the Polestar 2 service requirements in km/miles and their associated costs? Peugeot has people signing for a service on the first year and then every 2nd year for their...
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    Thought the ones of us living in Switzerland could share our collected knowledge here on when it comes, how it will be sold, when and where you can see it, and what kind of financing models it will or could have. So far I've found out from asking Polestar on Twitter: Form of sales: In pop-up...
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    Predictably, the car reviews well. Featuring all the best of Volvo, plus a shiny new infotainment system powered by Android, and EV performance, what's not to love?
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    The first order of Polestar 2s has arrived in Europe at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. The cars are destined for customers in Sweden and Norway and the actual keys are expected to change hands in August. Polestar 2s headed for Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK are close behind...
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    Polestar shared some new information on their website about the Polestar 2's safety features. For each section they have animations to show how each safety feature works. https://www.polestar.com/en-ca/polestar-2/safety? Safety Features Polestar 2 comes equipped with a suite of protective...
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    I never really thought of a the Polestar 2 as a direct competitor to Tesla and the Model 3 but Auto News Europe makes an interesting case that Polestar is trying to get Tesla owners to convert. I'd be curio https://europe.autonews.com/latest-launches/polestar-2-targets-tesla-converts Volvo's...
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    Polestar released some information about how new safety features in the Polestar 2 will protect the battery in the event of a crash. The Polestar 2 places its battery cells in an aluminum case within the floor of its unibody frame. When a crash happens the battery pack is automatically...
  16. Polestar Pictures
    Polestar shared this photo of the Polestar 2 going through a crash test. Knowing Volvo/Polestars emphasis on safety I'd be shocked if it doesn't get a 5 star rating from the IIHS or Euro NCAP.
  17. Polestar 2 Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Following the news about the Canadian delivery dates for the Polestar 2, I reached out to Polestar to see when the deliveries will start in the US. According to the Polestar rep that got back to me "As of today the US is on the same timing as Canada." So we can see the Polestar 2 deliveries...
  18. Polestar 2 Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Polestar sent out an email to Canadian customers about the Polestar 2 and in it they mentioned that deliveries are on track for this summer!
  19. Polestar Pictures
    Polestar brought a bunch of journalists to their Hällered proving ground for a design and engineering session. Here are some photos that Polestar released from that event.
  20. Polestar Pictures
    Polestar released some photos of the Polestar 2 being built in China. I'm still surprised that they're going through with production right now.