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  1. First Polestar 2 Shipments Land in Europe

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    The first order of Polestar 2s has arrived in Europe at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. The cars are destined for customers in Sweden and Norway and the actual keys are expected to change hands in August. Polestar 2s headed for Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK are close behind...
  2. Polestar Launches Design Challenge

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    Polestar wants regular people and industry professionals from outside the brand to look into the future. The design brief is to design a concept that's meant to exist 20 years in the future and express a "pure" design aesthetic. Notably absent from that brief is the word vehicle, because “the...
  3. Polestars in Europe Will Come with Single Account Charging Plan

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    One of the most annoying things about electric cars is that every company selling you power also wants you to sign up to pay for the privilege through their handy dandy app. If only there were a piece of plastic that you already owned and used to spend money at stores everywhere. Well, Polestar...
  4. Polestar Announces First U.S. Retail Partners

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    Polestar has announced that their first retail spaces will be built in New York, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. They will be collaborating with Manhattan Motorcars, Galpin Motors and Price-Simms Automotive Group for these locations. These "Polestar Spaces" will be open in the...
  5. Polestar's UK R&D Office is Celebrating its First Anniversary

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    From our sister forum, swedespeed.com "What started as just 56 team members has more than doubled in the first year of operations for the group, working on Polestar’s vehicles beyond the 3. Polestar Automotive UK was forme last May, and during that year has grown to more than 125 staff, based in...
  6. Polestar 2 EV Safety Measures

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    Polestar released some information about how new safety features in the Polestar 2 will protect the battery in the event of a crash. The Polestar 2 places its battery cells in an aluminum case within the floor of its unibody frame. When a crash happens the battery pack is automatically...
  7. Polestar 2 Crash Test

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    Polestar shared this photo of the Polestar 2 going through a crash test. Knowing Volvo/Polestars emphasis on safety I'd be shocked if it doesn't get a 5 star rating from the IIHS or Euro NCAP.
  8. Polestar 3 Rendering

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    Here's the first, of what I assume to be many, renderings for the Polestar 3 SUV.
  9. Polestar Precept Walkaround Video

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    Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath takes us on a walkaround of the Precept and shows more of the ins and outs of the car.
  10. Watch Polestar's CEO Talk You Through the Precept's Design

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    Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar's CEO, talks through the Precept's design cues and its advantages. To read more about the car, check out the full writeup at Swedespeed.com.
  11. Polestar CEO Shows Off The Precept Concept

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    Polestar released this video on YouTube with CEO Thomas Ingenlath explaining the design and tech features highlighted in the Precept concept.
  12. Polestar Precept Features

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    Polestar has released a lot of information on the new Precept concept about its "Sustainability", "Digital Technology", and "Design" features. It's a pretty long list and there's some very interesting stuff Polestar is showing off in the Precept. Features such as: Google Assistant, video...
  13. Polestar 2 Delivery Dates

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    Following the news about the Canadian delivery dates for the Polestar 2, I reached out to Polestar to see when the deliveries will start in the US. According to the Polestar rep that got back to me "As of today the US is on the same timing as Canada." So we can see the Polestar 2 deliveries...
  14. Polestar 2 Canada Delivery Dates

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    Polestar sent out an email to Canadian customers about the Polestar 2 and in it they mentioned that deliveries are on track for this summer!
  15. Polestar 2 Driving at Hällered Proving Ground

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    Polestar brought a bunch of journalists to their Hällered proving ground for a design and engineering session. Here are some photos that Polestar released from that event.
  16. Polestar 2 Production Photos

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    Polestar released some photos of the Polestar 2 being built in China. I'm still surprised that they're going through with production right now.
  17. Polestar production begins this week despite Coronavius

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    I got this email from Polestar earlier today and somehow they're still going forward with production of the Polestar 2. They say they have "implemented stringent measures" at their Chinese plant for workers, which is great, but this is still surprising given that every other manufacturer has...
  18. Polestar's Parent Company is Building Satellites for Autonomous Cars

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    Geely is investing $325 million to build a satellite plant in China. The low-orbit satellites would be used to provide cars with high-speed internet, precise navigation tech, and ultimately provide autonomous functionality...