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  1. UK
    Hi all, just looking for some advice here and whether my expectations are too high. Ordered pre owned partly due to the better spec, partly due to delivery times. Delivery day came, I pointed out that there were deep scratches on some of the plastics, that there was sick in the seatbelt void (I...
  2. Polestar 2 Forum
    The car is 3 weeks old, 340 miles, and I’ve got my first scratch on the center console. This is my first time leasing (lease is 3 years), and I know that normal wear and tear is acceptable, but I can only imagine how many scratches I’ll have over the next 3 years. Is it worth the effort to...
  3. Polestar 2 Forum
    So, as I was waiting for my new Polestar 2 to arrive, I signed up for a free new car inspection this local detailer offers. It consists of things like inspecting the paint on the car with instruments, panel alignment, etc. I also took a recommendation of declining the dealership car wash and...
1-3 of 3 Results