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    My previous cars (Toyota and Ford/Mercury) had owner websites that allowed me to log maintenance that I or a third-party did on the car, along with showing the automatic record generated by a dealer. Came in handy on multiple occasions - especially when a dealer tried to blame me for something...
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    My Polestar 2 was supposedly the first one in Washington State when I took delivery on Dec 4, 2020. I had to pay for shipping it from Marin in the Bay Area. When I had issues with it after receiving it, Polestar ended up paying to have it trucked to Marin and back. With other issues, last...
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    Hello everyone, I am getting my Polestar 2 in a few weeks and i was wondering this : Has anyone heard, read or talked about the Polestar 2 service requirements in km/miles and their associated costs? Peugeot has people signing for a service on the first year and then every 2nd year for their...
1-3 of 3 Results