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PistionHeads did an in-depth review of the new Polestar 2. Full review here:
PH Verdict:
In terms of how it drives, the Polestar 2 is more satisfying than any other vaguely affordable EV out there. The firm's top executives say they're 'optimistic' that over-the-air updates will improve the car's range in time, but until that happens, the equivalent Tesla will remain a more usable machine, particularly over long distances. The Tesla Supercharger network, at transport hubs and motorway service stations especially, makes Model 3 ownership very convenient, too.

Nonetheless, it's the Polestar that I long to own. I'm drawn to the company and everything it stands for as much as I'm drawn to the car itself. If I were in the market for a £50,000 electric car - despite knowing what I do about range and charging - I'd look no further.
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