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Polestar 2 Long Range Pilot Plus, MY22, Magnesium, Charcoal Weave Tech + Black Ash Deco.
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Hello forum,

Got my P2 in April and it's still a lot of fun to drive (and apparently also for hardcore petrolheads like my son).

With reference to my earlier post about this subject .

The outcome of my visit (June 8th)to the Polestar handovercenter was unsuccesful. They didn't succeed in fixing the account synchronization issue (Google, Polestar and Spotify). They tried everything and an ultimate sollution the handover specialist deleted and reinstalled the complete OS via VIDA unfortunately with zero result.
Untill this very moment the P2 persits in telling me that acount (Google, Spotify, Polestar) sychronization has been switched off for all items .

As Polestar NL (incl. callcenter) went out of options they dropped the issue in Brussels (?) and promissed to keep me posted . Now three weeks have passed ...does the forum has any clues what's causing this syschronization issue?

Thanks, safe Km/Miles

(picture is in Dutch)
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