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Waze does not yet support EVs (no electric "fuel" choice or basic range or charge point support), but I did read Google had road-mapped it for Automotive so it will appear eventually I'm sure. I would assume (like my current car) that the cluster navigation view would simply stop plotting a route and you'd need to look at the centre console for navigation cues (in addition to audio). There are others like Sygic who may actually get there first and already offer better EV support and navigation tools. Android Automotive supports APIs that apps can use to read vehicle status inc battery charge etc so no reason why (over time) we won't see a broad choice of navigation options that offer similar to what Google Maps already does. The only real issue we have as early adopters is so few cars around currently to warrant most developers investing in developing for it, unfortunately, unless Google incentivises them to do so (which no doubt they did for Spotify).

NB. CarPlay also has an instrument cluster (HUD) support even if no one has yet taken it up, so that would be awesome if they added that as another market first to generate more PR etc.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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