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The review does contain some information on setting up profiles, limitations on what it can control and possible updates in the future. Also a review of its advantages and limitations.

I drove the world's first car with Android Automotive for a day — here's what it's like

I've asked Google and Polestar for a full list of commands specific to the vehicle itself, but do know that there are still many limitations to the Assistant's capabilities in the car, which are both a result of the experience still being fairly new, as well as the simple fact that the Assistant isn't allowed to touch certain things. For example, while driving modes and settings for things like steering weight and regenerative braking can be controlled in the Automotive UI on the center stack screen, the Assistant is not allowed to adjust these things. This, I think, is a bit of long-standing carmaker "church and state" at play: no vehicle OEM is going to feel comfortable letting a third party issue commands that could alter the actual driving behavior of a car, which is understandable. "OK Google, set cruise control to 70MPH" is, therefore, probably never going to be in the cards for Automotive. Other less sensitive settings like adjusting treble and bass, or basically any secondary stereo function that isn't volume or next/previous track, just aren't supported.
Another one

Android Automotive: Review of Google's new car infotainment system in the Polestar 2

The Assistant is for now quite limited with what vehicle functions it can control. It can turn the heated seats on and off, but not adjust their temperature setting, for some reason. It also cannot control functions like the lights or wipers, but that is probably for the best. Children and bored passengers would surely cause havoc otherwise.
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