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I've been driving a Model 3 for the past 18 months or so, but after the honeymoon ended I started feeling really burned by the build quality (or lack thereof). After moving to rural Maine, I have very little use for autopilot, and would love to be able to do some light towing without warranty implications.

As an EV enthusiast, Polestar has been on my radar, but I didn't do a deep dive until my Tesla frustrations came to a head recently. The more I've read, the more stoked I have gotten for this car. I will absolutely trade autopilot for obsessively excellent build quality, great materials, and Android based infotainment!

Teslas have been holding their value, and right now is a great time to get out from under a Model 3. Earlier today, I went to test drive a Model X, mostly to convince myself I was done with Tesla. It was a brand new Raven build with 2000 miles on it, and had more buzzes, rattles and road noise than my 2018 build Model 3.

The test drive did the job. When I got home, I ordered my P2, in Moon, with the napa leather interior (sorry, not a vegan!). I'm not crazy about any of the wheels, and hate the gold seatbelts, so I skipped the performance package. Got the tow bar of course! They gave me a November 2020 delivery estimate. If that's true, that'll be amazing.
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