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Porsche can now do this. Will polestar implant it as well
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Hoping we’ll see something in iOS 17 and maybe a small mention on a slide at WWDC in 2 weeks.
US only it seems for now.
The functionality has been there since iOS 15. This is for vehicle manufacturers to implement, it's not something we're waiting on Apple for.
Hmmm. Think of ECG support. When a new country was added it required a watchOS update. I wouldn’t be surprised if adding a new vehicle brand also required an iOS update to enable.
As stated no iOS update is need for EV routing, support was added a long time ago. Apple does not need to do anything new here on the phone. It just needs to get on Volvos/P*s radar. The API is well documented in the software that Apple supplies to licensed OEMs.

Preconditioning may or may not be in their API, that is more of an unknown to me.
Ok well now I’m not at all confident that it’s going to happen. Not that I’m particularly fussed, Google Maps is fine for long trips.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts