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The 90km/h seems better than expected. 270miles is way beyond the 250 I'd have expected.

The 120km/h is about 17miles less than Polestar got on their 70m/h endurance race against the M3, I-Pace, and E-Tron

So probably enough variance there so both parties results are accurate.

The dashboard noise I'm hoping is just settling in noise. I've had many cars with a little rub like this that then goes after a few weeks.

The charging from 90 to 100% being really slow I suspect Polestar are being very cautious to start with and will unlock it a bit more in time. They are not the first to do this.

What I wanted to see which he cut out for another video is the charge to 80%

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long story short, I can reasonably expect to drive ~2.5-3h at a time on the highway in the P*2?
That's about as long as my family can handle before someone demands a food, bathroom, and/or stretch break, even with unlimited screen time.
So, assuming the world doesn't completely go to hell and we do actually manage to get a few road trips in, seems like we'll be just fine in the P*2!

Putting more meat on this, I interpolated the varied available data (assuming drag ~ speed^2 dominates) and then used ABRP to check the difference between the P*2 and the TM3 LR w 18" Aero wheels for the longest road trip we'd do, 465 mi total. Data below in English Imperial units because this is America goddammit.
[would be happy to add to this if folks send sourced data points]

The TM3 LR 18" Aero does the total trip with 41 min charging in 2 stops
The P*2 does it with 59 min charging if I accept 3 charging stops, or 70 min charging in 2 stops.

+20-30 min across 8-9 hrs?
That's entirely within the variance of traffic and kids insisting we need another pee break even though we just f*[email protected] did one 22 min ago.
I think we're just fine.

OK - I must really not want to do my actual work....

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