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BST 230 announced

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Anyone else see this? Just looks like a BST?

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It's the 2.7 ota update
It’s the recall for the 2.7 OTA update
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On one hand, it would be awesome to have a BST of the 2024 model. On the other hand, I'd probably be pretty pissed if I'd forked out money on a limited BST to then have an improved model the next year....announced weeks after I took ownership. Better and making the car less special. But if it's an orderable trim or something I would consider upgrading.
It’s Polestar replicating the Tesla experience of price reductions and rises after orders have been completed.
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I mean, the car in the video is clearly a BST, or at least a car with the BST stripe, painted body cladding, 21" wheels, etc.

I also watched the video a few times, freezing it at the two points you can see the grill, and it doesn't appear to be the MY24 grill.

So, that begs the question, does it have anything to do with the PS2 at all, or is it a clever way to introduce the PS4? Or does it have to do with the PS2, but is some new feature/function? If the latter, what would that really be? I'm reluctant to believe Polestar would use this as the way to announce the activation of Adaptive High Beams for the north American market. And why use the BST for such an announcement?
Maybe it’s the performance upgrade for the bst costing £10k instead…..
Guessing its a BST type special edition but with new motors and battery. Man I am GLAD I passed on the OG BST now. It would have been 2 weeks old at this point before they teased a new one LOL
Especially if it was a quad powered version 🤣 (no I don’t think it will be but one can always dream,
id swap my mrs for a p2 quad motor)
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Do you think the new colour for the BST might find its way into the colour range for PS2? It’s called Nebula. Delicate shade of moss green?
Since it’s a limited edition of a limited edition I doubt it but I’m sure once they decide to release a limited edition of a limited edition of a limited edition it may get released to the normal P2s. 🤣
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