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BST 230 announced

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Anyone else see this? Just looks like a BST?

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On one hand, it would be awesome to have a BST of the 2024 model. On the other hand, I'd probably be pretty pissed if I'd forked out money on a limited BST to then have an improved model the next year....announced weeks after I took ownership. Better and making the car less special. But if it's an orderable trim or something I would consider upgrading.
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It looks like it may be a MY24 grill but in black for the BST version. Looks flatter than checker grill.

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Based off Thomas Ingenlath's IG post today, looks like it will be a Polestar "black" edition. Maybe that is what they'll do for special editions moving forward, like Volvo. So BST will still be its special thing, but the the black edition can be applied to any vehicle in the lineup.
I suspect they are trying to find inventive ways to clear out their 2023 inventory. If you’re someone interested in the performance variant, you are likely looking at the 2024 upgrades and rear bias and deciding to pass on MY23. So Polestar puts together a few fancy upgrades to try and persuade people to jump in in 2023 instead of waiting. I’m guessing that’s why they say they are fitting the new smart zone on pre-registered 2023 vehicles.

Personally this one appeals to me more than the BST 270 just because of the unique colour, seats and lower price point. But it does seem to create a bit of a muddled space…why not just put together a new BST with your MY24 upgrades to get people excited?
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It is Volvo's Sage Green, don't get they put that on a performance targeted version. Such a beige version of green. Yuk.
Hey to each their own. I love the sage green on the P2. Keeps the clean understated design aesthetic of Polestar to me. Looks great with the stripe.
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This feels like such a hard sell. It's roughly $81k in the US, where a fully loaded, all packs, and even the leather, gets you to $71k. So it's $10k for paint and a marginally improved suspension....when the MY24 with actual improved performance is looming?

You gotta REALLY want that sage green and/or the partial nubuck interior.

I just don't get why they didn't tie this in with the release of the MY24 cars, and make it based off of that, rather than MY23.
I'd guess it's because they are using it for a little news/media push in an otherwise dead zone between model years/model lineup, while clearing out some of their 2023 vehicles and components before the significant changes come through. But if that is the case, they'd be better making these a better value. Like, make it a couple grand more than the top trim or something.
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For the NA market, these cars would be getting delivered alongside the newly arrived MY24 Performance cars, which will be a bit of a slap to the face, seeing your $81k car next to a TBD cheaper car.
It's my understanding that in NA, the dual motor MY24 is not really changing except for cosmetics, though? I thought we were basically getting MY23 with some aesthetic differences and some more standard equipment on the base model, and would have to wait until some TBD date for the significant changes other regions are getting. Honestly it's so confusing that they upgrade the model year in some countries so much and not others, especially for such a small brand.
We'll continue to get the same battery as the MY21-23 LRDM, but will get the upgraded motors.
So we'll get the new rear-biased set-up, but none of the range or charging speed improvements? Yeah that's not a stellar proposition for the BST 230 then.
We just had a mini vacation in Gothenburg, and of course we had to take our Polestar home to the cube!
It was closed the first day, but outside stood Mr Ingenlaths BST230 and it was the most beautiful P2 I have ever seen irl!
The green color and P1 rims with 275 tires all around, and with ET that made them stick out perfectly and the car was lower then ordinary BST230 too!
Totally fell in love with it!
But the day after the cube was open and we got to see the ”ordinary” BST230 inside, and it had a 2024 front in black!
So got to see that close up irl too!
Looks better then I thought it would!
But! Best of all was the alcantara steeringwheel!!

I have too get me one of those!!
And P1 rims and lower it like Mr CEO!
I was also just in Gothenburg on vacation and also swung by the mothership to take a look. Saw the green BST out front and it is indeed a beautiful colour. Looks much more special than the 270 imo. Didn’t go in though. There was literally nowhere to park, and I wasn’t sure they’d even want people in there. But was nice to see and snap a photo.
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