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Car won't let me change lane

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This came up a few times last week.

My right blink spot monitor was saying there was a car on my right but there was no car. I figure the camera was dirty.

But when I tried to signal and do a right lane change, the accident avoidance would keep me in my lane and don't let me do the lane change.

In that case, what do I need to turn off in order to make a lane change?
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BLIS doesn’t use the camera, it uses two rear facing radar units on the side bumper.
Try cleaning the area indicated as “rear radar sensor” here: Pure progressive performance | Polestar

Diagram only shows one, but there are two, one on each side.

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If it consistently indicates there’s a car when there isn’t one I remember at least one case were the radar was detached from it’s mounted position and could be at times pointing downwards detecting the road, so worth having it checked.
Had this near an airport parking garage with a barrier around it, it was disconcerting, but haven’t had a false positive since.
thank you guys. No problem changing lanes for these few days. Also rained a little here so maybe the "dirty spot" got shifted. But I will keep in mind the location of the rear radars and keeping them clean.
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