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I finally got my 220 Plug repaired (side note, be an electrician! 15 minutes to listen to my correct diagnostic, relocate 2 breakers to a hot location on both legs, not jus tone - just pull - extend 2 wires in breaker box 1 foot to reach new position in box, splice them with a weirdly shaped 220 splice thingie - $500 - not bad for 15 min of work. I picked the wrong career)

I can finally recharge my new car after a week ;-) I am planning on using the supplied Polestar charger/ cord.. Questions on that.
  • Is it designed as a spare to be used "sparingly" when nothing else is available or can it be used as the only source ? once or 2x a week max.
  • Is there a huge benefit to buying a third party charger box ? I'm apparently charging at 220V 42A on a 50A circuit (per electrician $ recommendation) already.
  • Finally, I recall reading on this forum "don't plug and unplug the thing all the time". Is it OK to leave the cord charger always plugged on and blinking forlornly in the garage ? (I can unplug it and use it once/2x a week only). I mounted it under a shelf on a wall, away from the floor, water and tripping.

- The ipad screen thing: Can it be "off" when not in use, is there a function I'm not seeing or a night mode where it calms down on the colors ? I find it cute but distracting when I do not need it. The only thing I found so far (software 2.5.x) was the top "bar" - if I pull down on that it blanks the entire screen and only shows a few lines of only open apps, like Carplay - one one line, rest is black... Short of putting the screen in cleaning mode that's all I could find.. Please let me know if I'm missing out.

Ok not a Q, a bonus: the sound of the turn signals is different - sounds more like it comes from the stereo than from a relay - but I could not put my finger on why that sound made me cringe a bit... My kids found out, having seen it on Tv again, it sounds just like the Alien detector in "Aliens" - remember that ? Tock tock - aliens everywhere..
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