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The cars with no PLUS package are missing interior lights. With his mod you will be able to add the dash, door pockets, door handles, and control their intensity using the car's dimmer switch. They will not be adjusted by the native car app (screen menu).
You will need to tap into wires and and feel comfortable doing that.
If you are replacing speakers ( I have a post here about it), this would be a good time to add the doors lights since you will be removing the door panels.
I included notes about adding the missing trunk light and finally the shadow lights.
I included links to parts and materials I used.
These mods are a bit time consuming but if you have all parts you can do each one in one weekend.

For the experts there, I am sure I can improve some parts of the mod, if someone find a better way to hold the door lights into their position please share it with the community.

Also you will see that I used post taps. I used the blue ones for thicker wires, which worked fine. But I recommend the red ones, that are more suitable for thinner wires.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, and again I m sharing a 36 pages PDF with the notes and pictures. Again, just a disclaimer, I don't work on cars as my way of living, but I enjoy doing this kind of stuff. It has been a challenge because there is nothing about Polestar, and I did not want to mess with a brand new car. But I am pleased with the results.
Again, read the entire thing before you start working on your car, and remember you are solely responsible if something goes wrong, use the notes as reference and always double check wires polarity and functionality.

Enjoy the new interior mod now that is getting darker:)
Amazing work and looks cool. Thanks for sharing.
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