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In preparation for a long road trip this coming week, I wanted to address some rattling / general bangi-ness in the front and, as per my experience tracking rattles and suspension failures on my 300K mileage ICE, first thing to do is to make sure all non-suspension system things are secured and tight.

I removed the goods from the frunk as they are not secured and no obvious tie-downs for straps or bungees. Mine had an air compressor, leak filler bottle, and a couple things I put in -- I now have all those in the rear under the hatch in the cargo area, wrapped in a moving blanket (I suppose you could do the same up front). Mine has a jack in the frunk and it fits nice and tight in the fitted styrofoam, yet the styrofoam was not super tight in its cutout, so I shimmied it with two layers of corrugated cardboard strips on the side facing the front.

Then I noticed that the hood is not tight when closed. Not good! Could easily imagine it issuing bang-rattles when going over any but the smoothest roads. The rubber stops on each side are adjustable and, as the rear hatch can be aligned by adjusting the upper stops, I tried that first, but adjusting these front ones did nothing.

Lo and behold the latches themselves are designed to be adjusted to remove any play in the hood when it is closed and latched. You remove the plastic housing (pop it off from below) and then just screw the latch in -- I ended up screwing it in 3 full turns (360 turns) on each side. You don't want to go too far, as if it is too tight, you may still be able to close it, but over time risk snapping the cable that runs to the handle in the passenger compartment when you have to use too much force to open the hood.

After eliminating the play in the hood and the junk in the frunk, I went for a 60 mile drive in the country backroads near here. Very obvious difference and completely solid going over bumps and rough roads. Suspension is nowhere near yacht-y old Cadillacs, but no more rattle-shakes or thumpiness. Much better. If I was more scientific, I'd put the items back in the frunk and do another test drive to better isolate the hood difference on its own, but haven't done that yet.

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