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In preparation of my first EV, I put together formulae either from myself or from Bjorn's video on all the calculations you could ever wish for. The majority of these calculations won't be needed for your normal day to day driving. However, if you're doing a long trip or deciding if a charger is cost effective they will hopefully prove useful.

The spreadsheet is available here: Polestar 2 EV Calculations

Blue means the field should be edited as required, green means an output value that you should fine useful. No colour means it's just an intermediate value that may or may not be handy to know. You can't edit this sheet, but you should be able to copy & paste into your own and edit to your heart's content.

Sadly I probably won't be maintaining the spreadsheet since I won't be getting a Polestar. The seats were sadly too uncomfortable for me and I want to do long-distance. But hopefully this sheet can be a starting point for your journey into Polestar.
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