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He said the P2 is a 100% Chinese car made from 100% Chinese parts. I wasn’t aware of that. I thought Volvo had a little more involvement than that. Yes, I know they were involved in the design of the car. However what absolutely amazes me is that the reviewer can’t begin to fathom why some people refuse to buy the car given what’s happened across the globe, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Govt.

This is a Government that enslaves many people for slave labor, including one Muslim sect. Just last night I was watching a clip on TV of them shipping off by rail cars, blindfolded, some of these unfortunate people, to some unknown location. A bit too reminiscent of a much earlier time when the Nazis were flourishing. Scary.

Yes, as the reviewer suggests, in some instances you have no choice in the purchase of certain electronics, like cellphones, since most are made in China. However even there many components are sourced from different countries. But not all $50,000+ cars are made in China and certainly most are not made 100% from Chinese parts & labor.

I‘m also certain that most who feel this way have nothing against the Chinese people, but rather the Chinese Communist Govt. I will tell you I had an early reservation for a P2, but ultimately for this reason and the questionable service location issues, I cancelled.

Just as an aside, he said that prior to the P2 he felt the Model 3 was the best electric car on the market. He’d get a lot of pushback from people who know BEVs about that statement. It did give me a reference point for his opinions.

I wish everyone here the best of luck and I’m sure most will be happy with the P2, but for me it was a bridge too far.
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