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My funniest moment was yesterday when a Camry TRD pulled up next to me at a stop light. For those that don't know, it's basically a V6 Camry with a TRD body kit with a tighter suspension, a TRD exhaust, and a very unique looking wing and diffusers:

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Mountain

It was just another boring commute to work, and I see this Camry making his way around other cars earlier until it finally made it next to me. Now before I go on, I really like Camry's. Previous to my Polestar and IS350, I owned a 2006 SE (3.3L V6) I drove for about 12 years. They are very reliable, and they are very comfortable to drive. The current Camry V6 is fairly powerful, but it's no sports car. And to make matters worse, it's FWD with an open diff. They didn't even bother to put an LSD, or even eLSD on the TRD.

So I'm sitting there at the light and the guy in the Camry seems like he's in a hurry. So I shrug my shoulders and say why not? When the light turns green I pulled on him at the light and saw him try to catch up. At the next light was complete proof that having too much power (301 hp) in a FWD platform without at least an LSD is pretty silly as he was having trouble getting going with the combo tire spin, torque steer and the nannies kicking in. Left him way behind and after hitting 60 I slowed back down. He eventually shot past me going over 70, and I was back to my boring morning commute with a bit of a smile that went away after reaching my place of work
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