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Hi guys,

Had my PS2 (Void, PP, Barley, Towbar) since early November, in the meantime 7000km, extremely happy with the drivability.

Love the look of the golden Brembo’s but hardly get to use them !

Honestly I choose the PS2 for the tax (BIK) benefit, but not regretted it yet.

I have driven 4 BMW 5series, before that Audi A6, for more than 600K Km, last one a fully decked out 530e.

Is it blasphemy (or the blinders) to say I actually think the PS drives better, more spirited, than the 5 series?

Anyways, experienced several of the software glitches described on this forum.

Latest one the other week, when it kicked into turtle mode while I still had 22% battery and was about to arrive at my destination with 13%.

Doing 135kmh on motorway, after a short takeover sprint (never gets old), I first noticed cold air coming from vents, then realized I had no power, car would not do more than 100, later 90, then 85, then back up to 95kmh.

Thought about putting on my coat as it was getting pretty cold without heating.

Felt really odd not having any power/acceleration anymore, even a bit dangerous, mostly coasting.

Got home (with 15% battery from lower consumption), put it in R to park and the glitch disappeared.

Not had any recalls or updates yet.

I find that odd, having 004XXX VIN number.

Really look forward to updates and OTA.

Regardless of its quirks, I do enjoy the Polestar immensely !

Best regards,

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