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Void Polestar 2 2020
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Equipment levels comfort looks all great. Materials inside not quite up to ipace standards but cabin feels special. I still can’t work out how to get speed cameras on the sat nav or FM radio stations. I now know how to get auto wipers.
The biggest disappointment is range. The videos I have seen about consumption start with a fast charge ie a warmed battery however for normal people starting out on a cold morning the battery is cold and my interpretation of the manual is preconditioning does not warm the battery. So.....on Saturday I embarked on my 200 mile round trip and was using 1% a mile for the first 15 miles at 60 mph.The sat nav predicted I’d get to the midway point at 43%. I did manage it home albeit with a 5 hour 3 pin charge at my friends house but it was not a pleasant experience.
The lack of battery preconditioning is a major issue in my view.
The failure to provide a 32A cable ie single phase 7kW is an issue for UK users.
During my journey the auto beam cut out saying the sensor was obstructed (by rain?)
Propilot is great but seems to pull to the left on left hand curves.
Android automotive is great “hey google navigate to....” “hey google phone.....”
So I think it’s a step up from my poverty spec I-PACE I’m just very disappointed by the range and apparent lack of battery preconditioning. I always knew that the I-PACE could get back on a 200 mile journey without charging I’m not sure the PS2 could get back even in the summer!
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