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BMW is reportedly planning a followup to the i8 based on the Vision M Next (pictured). According to Car and Driver, the plug-in hybrid supercar would be capable of up to 60 miles of electric driving per charge, would have looks based on a historic BMW model, and would have a combined system output of nearly 600 hp.

As you well know, the Polestar 1 produces 600 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque, has looks based on the Volvo P1800, and has an EV range of 60 miles. BMW just shut down its carbon fiber center in Washington, though, so just what its chassis will be made of remains a mystery--unlike the Polestar 1, whose chassis is made of a combination of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials.

The i8 replacement will put its engine over the back wheels while its electric motor(s?) will between the front wheels. Each will power its nearest pair of wheels.

Prices on the BMW are expected to start at $160,000--whereas the Polestar 1's price starts at $156,000.
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