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Lynk & Co did a virtual brand launch for Europe that was viewed by 52,000 people in 123 countries.

They also announced their mobility membership, which for up to €500 per month you can access their cars on a month to month basis.


Lynk & Co takes off with most successful virtual brand launch in Europe.

On September 30, 2020 Lynk & Co hosted a live streamed reveal to show off their new mobility membership for the European market. The event drew in a large, diverse audience to make it one of the most successful virtual brand launches.

A smashing, server-crashing success.

The reveal was popular. So popular, in fact, that the servers crashed. Oops.

After that minor hiccup, Lynk & Co restored the stream and shared a recording. The Reveal was viewed by 52.000 people in 123 countries. The news of the launch also reached an estimated 60 million people. Lynk & Co hails the event as the most successful virtual brand launch in Europe.

The overwhelming response to the launch reflects huge interest among Europeans, indicating that there’s an appetite for innovative, flexible mobility solutions.

Straight from the source.

“We are overjoyed and amazed with the results of the reveal. I’ve always believed that Europeans are hungry for more innovative mobility, but even I was surprised at just how enthusiastic the response was. It’s been incredible to see how excited people are about our mobility membership. There’s a lot of momentum, and we’re only picking up speed from here.”

Alain Visser, CEO of Lynk & Co

The reveal recap.

At the reveal, Lynk & Co announced their mobility membership, which allows members to get as much car as they want. For up to €500 per month, members can access a car on a month-to-month basis. Want even less commitment? Sign up for free and only pay when you borrow a car from other members.

Beyond flexible mobility, membership is also an all-access pass to the world of Lynk & Co. The company is opening Clubs - creative, multi-use spaces to experience the brand -in cities around Europe. Members will get invites to exclusive Club events, product offers, and more.

At the launch event, the company announced its first Club is opening in Amsterdam at the end of October, and a second Club will open in Gothenburg before the end of the year.

Was it worth hype?

You can watch the reveal and decide for yourself at hello.lynkco.com.
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