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2019 Volvo S60 T8
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Hi everyone!

I've been eyeing the P* 2 ever since the original Volvo concept and since the announcement of the spin-off company. I had originally wanted to wait out the first batch of cars, but I'm now too excited to do that!

I'm currently leasing a Volvo S60 T8 PHEV and love most of the things about it - the comfort, style (Thor's hammer FTW!), and overall efficiency isn't bad either. I do however feel like I need to baby it and am so nervous to use it for any utilitarian or outdoors use. It just doesn't fit the car and, with the ventilated seats, I am terrified to get any kind of liquid or dirt in there!

The S60 was always meant to be a gap car before the bevy of EVs became available in the US in 2020/2021, so I signed a lease through early 2022. Thankfully, I recently checked my lease payoff amount and it's actually trending lower than the trade-in value of the car, so I guess I'm in the market! I can't wait to place my order and finally get on the full EV train.

I'm most excited to see how P* takes advantage of OTA updates and get to discuss all of the latest and greatest with the community here!
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