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To boost moral for those still waiting and for the ones having their car recalled :)
The car now has 700kms and works like charm. I went in South Belgium where it is hilly and it was so much fun to drive. The instant torque, the power and the top road handling makes this car one of the best I ever had.
My girlfriend likes the silence (actually the good music without the ICE engine sound), the confort and space while I love the engine(s), the acceleration, the suspension and the electronics. We both find our benefits 馃檹

Worth mentioning: I had absolutely no problem with the car, all worked perfectly fine. And since Day-1 I have to say.

The only negative point: the consumption :( On my way back, I set the cruise control on 125km/h for one hour straight and it took 40% of the battery which would mean a tiny 300km. There were no wind and temperatures were around 8 degrees (sorry for the UK/US members as I use Celsius degrees and kms).
I was hoping something closer to 400kms range but I guess setting the cruise control to 110 instead of 125 might do the trick...then I鈥檒l be driving a super fast car as a super slow pace :eek:
Anyhow, I absolutely don't regret my choice but only wish the range would be higher (besides all we say in the Requested Future Features thread)


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Thank you! Nice selection of options, btw.

Lord those wheels look huge! (In a good way.)
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Thank you :)

On the wheel, indeed they look big and the tyres look flat: I parked the car on a parking with lot of tree leaf and I thought I had a flat tyre :oops:

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Don't expect to get much more range than that :) Always nice to hear positive reviews! (y)
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