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This morning there is NO audio from the sound system, no audio source plays through, not satellite radio, not terrestrial radio, not Bluetooth or Carplay source, not even the thumping of the blinkers. All audio settings are same as before, volume is up on all sources. In the normal world I would attribute to the amplifier being off line. Being there is no power On/Off available for the amplifier, I'm keeping it simple and hoping that it's a blown fuse. Would appreciate any and all comments and suggestions.

I pulled the fuse cover off under the dash, by the way thanks so much to the engineer that decided to put that fuse panel in an absolutely inaccessible location, so great to have to struggle. I did find the fuse indicated in the supplementary diagram, it is a 40A MCase slotted fuse, NO WAY of seeing the fuse numbers without very carefully sneaking a cell phone camera into an insanely confined space to get a shot.

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I don't want to pull the fuse until I get feedback from the P2 community as to best way to proceed. I'm tracking down the fuses now

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Infotainment system reboot has corrected this situation for me the handful of times I’ve encountered it. Even simpler than fuses.
Thanks much to all - I had to do the system reset twice but you are right, it did bring the audio system back to life.

Another thing I learned is that I need to stop thinking analog. On my audio rack at home, when things don't light up or make sound it means no power. When my iPhone makes no sound it needs reset. The P2 is just a big cell phone with wheels and seats. Now I have to fight to get the fuse cover back on.

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