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Hi everyone,
Picked up my Polestar 2 Snow/Barley interior 2 weeks ago.
Started researching this car 2 years ago and couldn't wait for it to be released.
I've had a history of hybrids including Lexus GS 450h, Infiniti M35h and Q70h and Volvo S90 T8 which went back 2 weeks ago.
My next obvious step was full-electric.
Absolutely loving this car. I look forward to driving every day.

Member @ ClubLexus which is a great site that I visit often as well (previously owned 8 Lexus models).
Looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences.
Welcome @Polestar2MD
I have owned a couple of Lexi. Such a shame that they dropped the ball somewhat after being at the forefront of Hybrid development. I would have appreciated some Lexus-level customer service over these past months.

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It's such a pity that Toyota/Lexus generally have goofed around for so long having kickstarted (jointly) the hybrid era 20 years ago. The Lexus UX300e only has 50kW charging and CHAdeMO, for goodness' sake... how far removed from reality are they? Pity as I really was considering it. So glad I went for the Polestar.

And a very warm welcome, by the way :).
41 - 42 of 42 Posts