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Started my test drive this morning at 10am on a wet drizzly day. Was picked up at my office by a very friendly associate named Kelly. Car charge was only at about 33% so we stopped at the Flo charger close to work. Kelly proceeded to go over many of the features of the car with me, many were known to me and others delightfully new. This was her first time seeing the vehicle plugged into a level 3 charger so I felt like the expert for a moment. I'm going to try and avoid observations and comments already shared by several in this space.

First thing I noticed was how low the roof is relative to my sight line standing next to it. When I sat in the front seat and lowered it down I really liked how snuggled in I felt, very much a cockpit experience for me with a high but comfortable centre console to my right in this "left hand drive" beauty. 😃

Once the seat was lowered with my eyes not far above the wheel as I like I really enjoyed the view of the centre screen and gauge cluster along the same plane. Sightlines are clean and unobstructed, view through the side mirrors direct and efficient but I do find the view of the rear window from the centre mirror very narrow.

I would not describe the ride as stiff, I would want my vehicle suspension delivered configured as this demonstrator. This was a Thunder PP with Charcoal interior. I'm happy with my choice of Snow, I would like to have seen the slate but I'm not concerned.

we proceeded to use the local toll highway I use to commute for comparison. I was hesitant to use full throttle getting on the motorway the first time. After a couple exits passed during smooth effortless driving we proceeded to turn around and I unleashed all the car would give me entering back onto the motorway. We started on the ramp easily travelling 30-40 km slower than the flow of traffic. Several seconds after putting my foot down we were slingshot past traffic and doing 130km/h before I could even start to signal my merge. Butterflies, OMG what is this feeling? I'm pretty sure I had a creepy grin for most of the 40-50 minutes I had with the vehicle.

Lastly I would like to add my follow up to other comments I have read in test drive testimonials.
  • Folding mirrors. More than I thought, would not call it pointless. However as small as they are it doesn't really get them out of the way.
  • Feeling the weight. I would not say that it felt like a 4600lb vehicle. Planted and sure of itself is how I would describe it.
  • Rear seat headroom. Not ideal, I'm 5'10" and I think I had less than 2 inches above my head. Kids will be in the back most of the time. But when my buddies climb in eventually I don't want to be teased about cramming them into a compact.
  • Trunk room. Yes this truck is deeper than the photos make it look. Didn't have a tape to measure but I'm sure I could have curled up in the fetal position and closed the hatch. Sub compartment below the main truck floor is a nice space. Front truck "yep I'm not calling it that" is nice for a small grocery run.
Anyway I will be proceeding with this purchase. I received all the confirmation I needed today to justify the sticker price and trust that it will meet my lifestyle needs.

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