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I would have used "ceilidh" in the title but that might take us in a different direction on the thread.
Anyone interested in a planned gathering of cars and owners? Socially distanced of course! I know there are a few of us in central Scotland, but without obvious signs of exactly how many and where (the joys of GDPR??).
I was attracted to the idea having seen the response owners have when spotting another P2 - or maybe that was just me.

As a starter for 10 location, the Kelpies at Falkirk have the advantage of Charge Place Scotland hub nearby so may be a suitable location?
(one of the stations @ Charge Point Information 52687 )

If interested, does this work, or better further north, south, east or west??
Perhaps planning for at weekend in January:cool:?? (hoping that recalls sorted by then馃)
And of course we should organise Polestar 2 hoodies for all attendees o_O
Let me know what the Forum thinks of the idea......?
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