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So I've been through almost every written and YouTube review to find what we can really expect from the Polestar 2.

There is a Polestar 2 Range Calculator and this is still a little optimistic in some cases (but close in others).

So lets begin by stating most reviews out there had moderate weather. Normally dry with temperatures in the 16-22deg C (60-75F) range. The below figures are close to normal driving conditions ... ie. you have the climate controls set to auto and 20/21deg C, you have a phone in the wireless charger, and a passenger - that sort of thing.

289 wh/mi - 18 kwh/100km
Range : 250 miles / 400km
Driving Style : You are an EV driving god! (well you're slow and sit behind trucks all day)

300 wh/mi - 19 kwh/100km
Range : 240 miles / 385km
Driving Style : Gentle and Relaxed - around 65mph on the motorway and easy on that gas peddle from the lights.

320 wh/mi - 20 kwh/100km
Range : 225 miles / 360km
Driving Style : Normal for most people. 70mph on a Motorway, and a little right foot once in a while for overtaking / fun.

350 wh/mi - 22 kwh/100km
Range : 200 miles / 320km
Driving Style : Up to 80mph on the motorway and for some reason your right foot is somewhat heavy around town.

386 wh/mi - 24 kwh/100km
Range : 180 miles / 290km
Driving Style : You either live in Germany and drive on Autobahn's all day ... or you are risking your driving licence!

  • The hotter or colder the weather the more your range will be affected and up to -20% range could be expected on the more extreme temps.
  • Light Rain could decrease range by 10% with Heavy Rain being as high as 20%.
  • Filling the car with 4 Adults and a boot/frunk full of heavy stuff .. you could expect up to another 20% loss.
Basically take the middle ground (320 wh/mi - 20 wkh/100km) as your base line. Then go up or down a level depending on weather, car load, driving style, etc...

For example in Heavy Rain AND 0deg's outside temperature you could easily go from 20 kwh/100km to 24 kwh/100km. If you then drive really carefully you might be able to take this back to 22 kwh/100km.

So in conclusion real life range will be more in the 180-240miles (290-385km) range.

I Hope this can help some people.
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