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Why race the fastest P*2 against the fastest Model 3?
Why not the slowest P*2 against the slowest Model 3?

  • Didn't mention the build quality once - the fabrics vs hard plastic, Panel gaps,etc..
  • Didn't mention the large buttons on the P*2 screen vs small on the Model 3, so easier to use while driving.
  • But did mention the P*2 doesn't have a Fart mode.
  • Mentioned the Transmission tunnel but not the advantage of better seat to floor space for the rear passengers due to the batteries being in the tunnel compared to under your feet.
  • Mentions lack of Youtube / Netflix but not that these will come via the Play Store.
  • Moans about no one peddle driving not working ... but has Creep Mode on ...
I could go on and on. Fact is it was lazy research that did this. He is a just a face with a script.

Also don't compare EV's to other EV's ... it's not a competition. Let's get everyone from an ICE to an EV first, then worry about "the best EV".
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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