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Polestar 3 2021: First Look & Photos | Car Reviews
Here's a render I saw a while back. Polestar 3 is meant to include more Precept styling concepts and be more of a departure from the Concept 40.1/40.2 that led to XC40/P*2

I belive Polestar 3 is meant to share the SPA platform like what the XC60/XC90 are on so I imagine its size would be like those. So I'm envisioning a front similar to these renders and a side profile more similar to the XC60/90 but maybe a bit sleeker for aerodynamics?
Since the electric XC90 is also supposedly coming on a similar timeline, I'm wondering what Polestar will do to differentiate it from from XC90 aside from brilliant chassis engineering and a Performance Pack
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