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For the Canadian members on the forum, Polestar has announced their first retail partners in Canada. The first 3 Polestar spaces are opening in the second half of this year in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. The spaces are in partnership with retail groups Grand Touring Automobiles and GAIN Group.

Polestar Cars Announces Retail Plans in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

Richmond Hill, Ontario (July 28, 2020) – Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, today announced the company’s first retail partners in the Canadian market. In collaboration with the leading automotive retail groups Grand Touring Automobiles and GAIN Group, three Polestar Spaces will open in the second half of 2020 in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, with additional Authorized Polestar Service Centres in Victoria, B.C. and Waterloo, Ontario.

“95 percent of Canadian Polestar owners and reservation holders live within the 240-kilometre home delivery range of these Polestar retail Spaces,” said Hugues Bissonnette, Head of Polestar Canada. “With this coverage, plus the two additional service centres, we are confident that the Canadian market will be well-supported from day one.”

The first three Polestar Space locations will be as follows:

  • Montreal: 1255 boulevard René Levesque, right in the heart of Downtown Montreal.
  • Toronto: 55 Avenue Road, located in one of Toronto’s most elegant shopping and dining areas.
  • Vancouver: 827 Seymour Street, in the centre of Vancouver’s business district.

“Grand Touring Automobiles represents a collection of the most luxurious and exclusive automotive products in the world,” said CEO Paul Cummings. We are honoured and excited to add the Polestar brand to the collection.”

”With over 50 years of building a reputation for delivering benchmark customer service, GAIN Group creates ownership experiences for our customers unlike any other,” said Peter Trzewik, a Partner in GAIN Group. ”We are thrilled to add Polestar to our portfolio.”

A convenient home delivery and servicing program will be offered for all Polestar models, which enables a seamless customer journey for Polestar ownership. Polestar customers living within 240 kilometres of a Polestar Space or Service Centre can have their new car delivered to their door and retrieved for servicing. For those living beyond the radius, the nearest Polestar Space will work to provide the most convenient solution for their needs. Polestar vehicles are available for sale and delivery across all Canadian Provinces.

To supplement the brand’s digital-first retail model, Polestar Spaces will employ non-commissioned Polestar Specialists to assist customers with product information and test drives of the company’s first vehicles – Polestar 1, the 619-horsepower Electric Performance Hybrid, and Polestar 2, an all-electric fastback and the first car in the world to feature an infotainment system powered by Android with Google apps and services built-in. Both vehicles are available to configure at Polestar.com.
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