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I found this while visiting the Polestar Reddit Page. A person in Toronto shared these details that he learned from his dealer when he confirmed his order for his Polestar. I belive it's for the Polestar 2 but the post is unclear:
  1. You only need to ensure the base car configuration is what you want. You can change the add-ons, protection plan and payment after confirming. But things like color, interior and packages cannot be changed.
  2. I had to put in my postal code and select one of the 3 spaces opening this year. I selected Toronto. I was curious, so I looked up the postal code for that and it seems to align to Luxury Car Dealer in Toronto, ON | Grand Touring Automobiles - so maybe that’s where the polestar space will be?locations.png
  3. Apparently the finance rate of 0.9% isn’t something that’s locked in when you confirm your order. Details like that are confirmed later.
  4. The delivery fee is $1,900. No other fees were stated (so just car+delivery fee and tax on both).
  5. The appearance protection says: "Protection to keep your Polestar looking like new, repairing cosmetic damage from everyday use.* Protect the beauty of your new Polestar from common damage during daily driving. Protection includes minor dents, front windshield and tire, rim and curb scuff repair." The cost of this varies from $1,695 for 12 months to $3,185 for 84 months..
  6. The vehicle protection plan says: "Protects many major vehicle repairs outside of the original manufacturer warranty.* Take comfort in knowing many electric, hybrid and mechanical components are protected. Benefits include Polestar genuine parts, 24-hr roadside assistance, car rental and claims-free reward." The cost of this varies from $2,160 for 48m/80K km to $5,089 for 120m/200K km (there are multiple options for km per-length of time, I picked lowest and highest respectively).
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