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Look forward to February 25 when Polestar will unveil a brand new concept car. So far, we only really know that the company is calling it the Precept concept.
There's really very little to go on here apart from a name, but you can bet that it will be an electric, as Polestar has made a big deal about leading the Geely Group's electric charge.
So far, Polestar has shown three potential vehicles. The first, now more than potential, is the Polestar 1 hybrid grand tourer. The second is the Polestar 2, a small, all-electric sportback with slight crossover proportions. The third will be a sportback crossover.
The Precept will likely preview Polestar's infotainment concept, since that was also previewed this week. Both will likely get air time at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3, too, as Polestar has confirmed that it will have a press conference at the Swiss show.
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