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Upstart electric automaker and Volvo spinoff Polestar is getting up and dancing quickly, says a new report from Reuters. A doubling of showrooms globally and new markets are in store for this year for the automaker.

Speaking at the Beijing Auto Show this week, and one of few international auto execs to make the trip, CEO Thomas Ingenlath talked about the automaker’s plans.

“We will double the amount of spaces we have today by the end of the year. This number will continue to grow rapidly as we look to double the number of markets in the next 18 to 24 months,” Ingenlath said. Currently, Polestar has 23 showrooms, which it calls a Polestar Space, operating around the world. The plan is to have 45 by end of year, and we would expect that figure to continue to increase.

Currently, Polestar sells cars in just nine countries but hopes to grow that as well. “From next year, we will look into new markets around Asia Pacific and Middle East,” Ingenlath said, without stating which countries. To go with that, the Polestar 2 will get a lower-priced single-motor version, Ingenlath told Reuters, and there are also plans for an SUV to be built in China on a different platform than the 2.

Polestar plans to remain a premium brand and is targeting sales of more than 50,000 vehicles annually. Ingenlath said the company is planning larger and more sporty products, but, in what sounds like a slight dig at Elon Musk and Tesla, said that the company would not change prices radically or frequently.
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