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'21 P*2, 19", Midnight/leather, +tow
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Yup, as a current Audi A4 Avant (wagon) driver, I'd buy that....
Would buy in a heart beat
(with a better looking design than that render - don't think Polestar design team would ever sign off on that!!!)

I've already gotten the green light from mrs. p to look at a BEV wagon for the next next car, basically thinking for replacing the current ICE we will have as a backup while we get used to the P*2 as the first EV. A BEV V90 or this would be awesome.

I did note to her that the Taycan cross turismo is coming out..... it fits a couple car seats right?

Edit: Add in the rear jump seats a la the old-time Volvo wagons and get 7 seater capability and I know a number of families around here who would scoop it up fast. It would sell like hotcakes to the young family who doesn't want a giant SUV and has the occasional visitor.
Right now for an EV 7 seater it's Model X, or waiting for Rivian or the XC90 BEV to come out and a lot of us don't want that form factor or to have to go Tesla.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts