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Volvo design in Polestar products could be no more after the Precept arrives in 2023:

"At its digital reveal seven months ago, Precept was described as a manifesto to illustrate the brand’s future vision.

Polestar called it a “commitment car,” not a concept car, a distinction the company has followed through by announcing these production plans. Precept marks a styling departure for Polestar, which has, until now, shared a strong familial DNA with Volvo. The name “Precept” itself was chosen to summarize the future of Polestar in one package.

Precept is an important milestone for Polestar. Now a standalone brand rather than the wild-haired performance arm for Volvo, Precept uses a unique design philosophy while flexing the brand’s tech muscles and re-upping its commitment to using sustainable materials. For example, its interior features a mix of recycled bottles, reclaimed fishing nets (very Swedish of them), and recycled cork vinyl." ~ Driving.ca
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