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Had a test drive today from the SF PopUp.
Long story short: We're totally going to get this car, are super stoked for it, and have no qualms.

full details:
Drove a Snow, Performance, Barley car (they said that's what they had available; although had a Void 19" nonPP in the garage near where we parked....)
We could only drive in the city, no highway, so had to get a little creative in how I could push things to the limit. I went ahead and booked a "we come to you" test drive in a couple weeks so I can test highway and twisty road drives (in case my car doesn't show up by then!). For now I settled for breaking several traffic laws.

Its interior is in a plainly higher league than Tesla's. While that's perhaps subjective, those who think otherwise are objectively wrong. Everything fit and worked better for me than whatever is going on in the Model 3/Y. I guess I just want a car that works as usual - not have to learn a whole new ecosystem.

Ride quality was surprisingly great. I don't know what the Performance dampers were set at; I can only assume it was at the default. I prepared myself and mrs. p for a firm, bumpy ride and on SF potholes, through road construction, and over light-rail tracks it was totally fine. Subjectively better than driving a Model 3 on less broken roads in Palo Alto. Not as magic-carpet as the e-tron; more similar to a non-air-suspension I-Pace maybe?

Acceleration was ample. Went through a surprisingly empty tunnel (Broadway) and floored it until mrs. p giggled. Went up a ~15% grade hill and could easily accelerate and pass slower cars up it.
Conversely the regen braking on the other side (~15% grade) brought us to a complete stop on the hill in Standard one-pedal mode without any need to touch the brake pedal.
Took about 5 seconds to get used to Standard regen braking - I think I'll likely use Standard mode for the city (Creep off) and try coasting (regen Off) on the highway.

When another section of road cleared I tested an imaginary slalom and also took a couple turns faster than is usually advised. Proper handling will need to be tested on the twisty roads, but for now seems great.

Didn't pay attention to consumption given what all we did to the car.

So all in all, had a great experience. After all my anxious cross-shopping I'm completely comfortable getting the Polestar 2 over the variety of cars I considered (Model 3, Model Y, Niro, I-Pace, e-tron - test drove them all). And, importantly, the Polestar 2 is now mrs. polerad approved (who alarmingly made sure her profile and seat settings could be saved to memory....)

Yeah, I'd like for it to have come sooner. And be cheaper sans China tariffs. And I know we're going to have our own early adopter tax to pay. But fortunately for us, it seems y'all in the EU/UK are bearing the brunt of it so we don't have to (cheers!). Most of what's pending is at most annoying rather than disabling for me. Now I just want my car finally!!

Other details:
According the the PopUp staff, SF order holders are meant to get an email "this week" to start finalizing things.

I went and plain stood up on the tow hook. I'm a little less than 80 kg (depending on burrito/beer consumption) and at least for the few seconds I tried it the tow hook was rock solid.

The charging cable in the frunk is indeed rated as 240 V, 16A. It had a NEMA 6-20 plug attached, and a NEMA 5-15/5-20 adapter plug in there. I have no idea where one might use a NEMA 6-20 plug. This is clearly meant more for trickle charging from standard (110V) home outlets.
I groused about this a bit to the kind PopUp staffer who kindly nodded, smiled, and tried to reassure me he would do everything in his power to rectify the situation..... I think I should probably apologize....

Edit: After thinking on it, I wonder if the design of the plug adapters is what limits the cable/EVSE to 16A. On a usual 20A home circuit, most you should draw is 16A anyway. So for trickle charging, at least in the US, this seems reasonable and I believe it's in line with what Tesla gives their US customers.
Awesome!...thank you for sharing your thoughts...virtual fist bump! 👊
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