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As much as I love black cars (I currently own 2 of 4), I’m starting to move away from that color, for the reason cited above. When they are clean, IMO, no color looks better. But keeping them that way takes some effort.

What I do with my black cars, to keep them looking sharp for longer periods, is:

(1) I try to only drive them on dry days (since two cars are light in color, I drive those on rainy days).

(2) I dust them off, regularly. No washing needed, and takes about 60 seconds.

Oh, and the one black car not kept in my garage, I keep covered.
I have a 1 month old and have yet to bathe her. She’s a bit dusty and ready for a wash for sure. I’m wondering … if you don’t mind me asking what you use to dust them off. The void is my first black car that I actually care about.
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