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From what I have experienced having owned 3 black cars, only use good quality microfibre cloths and microfibre wash sponges and rinse sponges often.
With good quality microfibre cloths I only have to do a couple of pases when cleaning, removing wax etc. With standard microfibre cloths many passes are required = more time rubbing, more chance of scratches.
With black cars I always wash backwards and forwards = no swirls, never in a circular motion= many swirls. Same goes for microfibre cloths, only forwards and backwards, never in a circular motion.
As for stains and dried bat/bird poop, place a wet chux cloth over area for 5 minutes and the stain will wash away easy without rubbing.
I hope these tips help.
I had my Outback for 13 years before the polestar 2.
The Polestar 2 void is the deepest black I have ever seen. I love it for its mirror like finish when you layer up the ceramic wax.

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