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Shipping and delivery

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Over the weekend I received an email "Your Polestar 2 is now in the UK". Looking through the forum, it seems that the general consensus is that it is approximately 1 week from the car arriving in Zeebrugge, Belgium to that "is now in the UK" email. However, the schedule list on Wallenius Wilhelmsen doesn't show any arrivals at either Zeebrugge or Bristol in the past 2 weeks. The last arrival in Belgium was Tannhauser on the 25th of September. Anyone have any idea what boat the car arrived on? Perhaps the recent driver shortages in the UK have pushed out deliveries? Or maybe Polestar is no longer using WW?

Is it still approximately 2 weeks from the "your car is in the UK" email to delivery? How long before delivery do they start letting you pick delivery dates?

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Sorry for jumping in late, but I wanted to share my thoughts. I'm also curious about the shipping details. It seems like the timing can vary, and the boat information isn't always readily available. Recent driver shortages in the UK might have caused some delays in deliveries. As for Polestar's shipping arrangements, they might have changed their logistics partners.
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